Sunday, May 30, 2004

the funk

here it is, my first blog post. after exhausting all other possible avenues of procrastination, i'm writing a blog. notice how lazy i am, as to ignore the rule of capitalization. now, onto the subject.

my living room has the funk. if you aren't familiar with 'the funk' it is simply the most horrid smell known to mankind. the kind of smell that goes beyond all goodness and decency. the smell that burns your nose hairs so you'll never have to worry about trimming them.

on the bright side of things, it seems to attact ants and mice. wait, that's not good... ok, well it seems to keep the ladies away! wait... that's not good either. yeah, it stinks, it hasn't gone away either... we've tried the famous "fabreeze", steaming it, moving couches, waiting and even complaining about the problem, all of which have proved useless.

one day my friend get's this bright idea that he's found the source of the funk in the room, he swears that we've got a dead animal stuck in our wall... so he gets out the tools and proceeds to 'prove' he's found the source by pulling off an electrical outlet cover and smelling. he about passes out from smelling the outlet. i was a bit incredulous of it, so i decided to smell myself. nothing. it smelled like nothing. he re-smelled and decided he NOW smelled nothing. thus proving again, the power of suggestion is indeed powerful.

we still don't know what to do about the funk. i guess after you get used to it, it only smells putrid. this brings me to a point (time for the tangent).

college students when unattended by adults seem to have the odd effect of creating 'funks'. i first experienced this phenomina when i moved into the dorms back in the fall of '98 as a freshmen. since then i've had multiple experiences of almost losing my lunch and trying to hold a straight face as the odor from the room in question first hits me. can we really expect anything else when we have college students penned together in stables at community housing projects? and how many of them actually clean their room before they move out (i can count them on one hand).

honestly, i had hoped that moving on in life, getting a house, would have solved the problem, but alas i'm still renting (with my roommates) and still suffering through 'the funk' left by the people who were renting before us.