Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The move back to Boston has proved to be quite the adventure. Compared to the daily routine of life, the past three days has been a whirlwind. I was part of my friend, Matt’s wedding and many adventures sprung from that, including:
-getting yelled at at the Jolly Pirate in Waverly
-getting a ticket on the way to Kentucky (Scott did, not me)
-a wrestling match with Matt that went three rounds
-having my shorts thrown on the highway
-dancing with my girlfriend, Andrea, for the first time
-switching hotel rooms because stuff was broken

Then when I got home from the wedding on Sunday, I had approximately 3 minutes before I hopped in my car and drove to Portland for my brother’s graduation, which created weird scenarios including:
-seeing a girl who’s wedding I skipped on because I didn’t want to see another girl
-seeing the girl who I skipped the wedding for
-finding out that that girl is engaged to a much older man
-watching my brother graduate
-eating dinner with my mom and dad, together (first time since the divorce, 15 years ago)
-seeing my mom upset again

Exhausted, I returned home and early Monday, I helped my sister move out of her place, which led to:
-moving her stuff to my place
-moving her stuff to my dad’s place in Portland
-going to a cookout with Andi’s friends and my sister
-hanging out with my homeless sister for a while, until she had a home again
-swinging with Andi at the park
-talking with Andi

Oh, in addition to all that, for the days leading up to the chaos, I was preparing my talk for Crusade, which went well I think, almost immediately upon returning home from an Emmaus walk, which was on the heals of moving out of my place in Kentucky. I haven’t slept 8 hours straight in a long time, but I’m not complaining, it’s been good stuff. Maybe tonight. I think I’m going to go read a book and relax.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

will post on monday

hey. it's been crazy busy. i'm writing a talk for Cru tomorrow night, and getting ready to head to Matt's wedding. i'll post lata.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Exam Week in Wilmore

I thought I would drop in and leave a quick post. I'm in mid-week of exams here. By God's grace I'll be able to drive back safely on Thursday to Portland. I'm diggin' the beats of Anberlin while I prepare my last paper in Spiritual Warfare. Tomorrow I'll take my Greek exam. Wew, let me just say, it's been quite a trip learning Greek. Her birthday is coming up soon, any ideas on what I should get her? (Grins) If something really weird happens in the next couple days, I'll throw it down. For all you in Dayton, I'll be up Monday. Hopefully I'll be workin' Tuesday. Peace out my homies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Andi, Scott, Matt, Tamara and Nick thought I needed fish. Since having them, I've decided some things, Let me share:

1. Being lazy makes fish sick
The rest of these will expanding on 1 (maybe)
2. Being lazy means I try to pour in just the right amount of fish food
3. As I dump in mass quantities of fish food, I end up creating more work for myself
4. The fish and I end up fighting over who's going to do the clean up job on the excess food
5. Jose and Fred like to eat so much they have to puke to eat more
6. Watching them puke their dinner, makes me laugh
7. When they puke the water gets dirtier
8. Stinkin' fish water stinks
9. Stinkin' fish water has to be changed a lot
10. Stinkin' friends bought me stinkin' fish, which is stinkin' funny
11. Although they've both eaten so much that they are puking, they fight over the scraps that they haven't tried to shovel down
12. Fish pukin' reminds me of Campo, McClure, Lenardz drinkin' milk at Horstman's party
13. These fish act like I don't feed them three times a day, pigs.
14. Fish have boring lives
15. When fish try to eat the plastic plant, I wonder if they are getting high off the air pump
16. How in the stinkin' world does the water get dirty in three days! Three!
17. I don't think I'll have to buy sucker fish

Sunday, May 08, 2005


A common misperception among us as Christians is that feelings don’t matter. There is an old adage that goes, “Facts, Faith, Feelings” where “Feelings” are optional. This does apply to the truth of the Gospel. It applies to science as well, it doesn’t really matter how much I want to believe that gravity doesn’t exist, or how I feel about it, it’s still here.

However, somehow at times I am guilty of taking this to another level. I come to be callous to my feelings. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes feelings get all mixed up like my Etch-a-sketch, but if I’m feeling sad or distant from people, it’s a warning sign that something could be wrong. At times I am guilty of the self-mutilation for the sake of others. While it may sound noble, it’s highly destructive and in many cases not in keeping with God’s will.

Let me give an example, what if I decide that I need to help people, so I go running around downtown and rescuing people from fires, walking old ladies across streets and counseling people. However, in the process I decide I can do more work if I don’t eat lunch, or dinner. In fact, I decide I don’t need to eat at all, that way I can do more good. I would be doing good couple of hours but soon (I don't have a lot in the reserve tank), I’d be hurtin’ pretty bad. By neglecting my needs, I’d be able to do more “ministry” temporarily, but I’d be hurting my “ministry” in the long term. In fact, I would be much better off if I took time and ate healthy meals regularly, then I would be better equipped to help people more!

The same applies when we neglect our family, our basic needs like sleep, exercise, time with God and time for some relaxation. Further, our emotional health is very important. If you’re not listening to what your emotions are saying, you may be missing what God is telling you about yourself. It’s like driving your car down the highway looking for billboards that your gas tank is empty, when if you would just look at the dashboard (which a brilliant engineer put there for just such a purpose) you would know!

More lessons that I should have learned before I got to seminary! On that note, I’m starting a regular exercise schedule to help keep my body a fine-tuned God-directed ma-chine.

In other news, Andi came down for the weekend. We had a blast and I laughed my rear off. Girlfriends can be fun! And my sister Dawn made an apperance today. It was cool. Even if I do commit academic suicide. In the end, I'm glad I was able to hang out with two cool girls in one weekend.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

beth and matt painting.