Tuesday, October 17, 2006

another adventure at the barber's

I know, it's quite unusual for me to post anything. It takes something so big that I actually sit down and write instead of attacking the piles of work before me. I got another haircut, yesterday. It reminded me of a while back when I got a cut that resulted in a tuff in the back and a tuff in the front. This time my hair resembles a soccer ball with bangs. Who thinks that looks cool? Who says, "Can I have a soccer ball with bangs cut please?" Apparently a lot of guys do, or a lot of guys just end up with those cuts. If you see someone with a cut like this, remember they probably didn't ask to look this way, it was chosen for them. Maybe it's a technique they teach them in school. Maybe imagining that the head is a round ball helps them get over their fear of cutting hair, like imagining everyone looking silly is suppose to help give better speeches.... Whatever it may be, for cryin' out loud, just make it look even, mullets went out with the 80s, thanks to too many guys trying to look like MacGyver. He's in a class all by himself, so just give up. You'll never make a bomb with a gum wrapper, spit and pocket lint, so ditch the mullet. And let's all ditch the soccer ball with bangs cut too.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh... my big bro in soccer form. what a catch! lol. good luck with that hair cut... perhaps you should submit your blog to the Barber's guild.